10 Chain Restaurants That Are Open On Christmas Day
After all the Christmas Shopping is finished, and all the presents have been unwrapped, you might find yourself a bit hungry. You also might find yourself a little tired to cook for everyone, or maybe you're like me and simply too lazy. Well, there's GOOD news...
What’s Up at Shark’s on Skyland? We Found Out!
When “our neighbors” weren’t there one day, there was a slight sense of alarm. But the parking lot is still taped off, and nobody is going in or out now. So, we did what any other nosy neighbor would do: Called another location to find out what’s going on.
ALDOT to Shut Down 20/59 in Birmingham
Got plans to see Leon Bridges at the BJCC in April?  Travis Greene at Iron City in March?  How about anybody coming to Huntsville?  Not going to a show but plan to travel to a destination that takes you through Birmingham?  Whatever the case may be, there are about to be changes …
More Road Construction In Tuscaloosa….Why Of Course!
If you're a fan of all the road construction going on in our city, then you're going to enjoy this....14 more Tuscaloosa streets will begin being resurfaced by the end of this month.
The city council unanimously approved a 2.5 million dollar contract last week, and the resurfacing will…

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