From the beginning, we've been told that the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions were especially susceptible to COVID-19. Now, according to the Associated Press, almost two dozen people have died at the Bill Nichols State Veterans Home in Alexander City as a result of the virus.

The state-owned facility has a capacity of 150 residents, and 91 have tested positive for the coronavirus, the agency said. Source.

The first resident is said to have tested positive in early April, after a worker tested positive at the end of May. In following weeks, all residents were tested, and the home still has 41 active cases among the residents.

However, workers at the Bill Nichols home are said to have followed guidelines for using protective gear and other preventive measures, as reviewed by the Alabama Department of Public Health and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

A National Guard unit decontaminated the home, and residents who test positive are being isolated.

While none of us wants to fight ailments, it is truly an unfortunate case when those who've fought for our country find themselves in a fight against a silent killer. Apparently, Alabama is not the only place where this has happened as dozens are said to have died at other veteran nursing homes in the country.

Cases like this are why personal protective equipment and great hygiene are all the more important.  Because the virus can be present in a person who has mild symptoms, it can go unnoticed and clear up on its own in weeks; but for other vulnerable populations, it can be deadly.

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