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If you have a New Year resolution or goal to drink more water in 2020, here is some help.  I always suggest that you run any health-related goals past your doctor first.  In December, my doctor told me I was dehydrated, even though I felt like I was getting my water in.  So, I made an effort to drink more water within my healthy lifestyle limits.  If you find water boring, Self magazine gives some great tips to incorporate easy tips to get more water in daily, read it here.  I have found that being prepared with your own water, taking water wherever you go, and adding some fruit infusers as helped me.  Here are three great items that I have gotten recently from Amazon.

I was wasting so much money on buying seven-gallon jugs of water each week.  So I decided to buy this awesome and motivating reusable gallon jug.

In times that I don’t want to tote my gallon jug everywhere, I go.  I pour into my fancy 32-ounce bottle that has a fruit infuser.  Viola!  Water with flavor!

If you have a hard time remembering to drink your water, be sure to check out Ulla.  It is a smart, hydration reminder device.  It’s pretty easy to use; you get a blink – you take a sip.

Happy New Year - @MaryKRadio

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