Talk about breaking records at a young age!

Harper Yates, at the early age of 5 months old, is poised to be the youngest person to visit all 50 United States. UPI reports that the parents, Cindy Lim and Tristan Yeats, were originally set to join the club themselves, but as well all know plans change. After the birth of Harper, both parents decided to restart the trip after visiting only 19 states, wanting their child to join the club as well.

While joining the club is prestigious, it would be pointless without proof, and the parents have that don't worry. The little one had her own Instagram, detailing the events of her travels with her Mom and Dad! Isn't that just adorable? In addition to visiting all 50 states, Cindy and Tristan have gotten in touch with Guinness World Records, hoping to put Harper in the world records as well.

Look at this little one, breaking records. Most impressive thing I did when I was young was go to Italy with my family!

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