Bacon, Brew, and 'Que is going down at the Tuscaloosa River Market on Saturday, and you DO NOT want to miss the best craft beer festival in T-Town! We've already sold out of VIP passes, and general admission passes are running low, too; you need to snag yours now! I said it before, and I will say it again: you don't want to miss Bacon, Brew, & 'Que presented by New Belgium and Fat Tire and powered by Pepsi!

Why? I've got five reasons!

Photo by Ben George

1. Beer

This goes without saying, but y'all. The beer list this year is just NUTS. It's longer than a CVS receipt. We've got sours, ciders, IPAs, Saisons, stouts... literally every kind of beer you could want to sample is going to be served at Bacon, Brew, & 'Que.

Photo by Ben George

2. Bacon

If the thought of bacon, bacon, and more bacon doesn't get you hype, I suggest you either a) check your pulse or b) stop being vegan. I mean, you can try Bacon Mac & Cheese Bites from World of Beer, Jalapeno Cheese Dip from The Avenue Pub, Pork Belly Sliders from Central Mesa, and so much more. Check out the list of restaurants who are slinging smoky goodness this year--it's like a who's who of the best restaurants in town.

Photo by Ben George


3. BBQ

I've told you we've got beer and bacon, and if that ain't got you going, this should: BBQ. What y'all know about Pork & Grits from Jim 'N Nicks? You can sample this along with many other dishes highlighting the most delicious form of food known to man.

Photo by Ben George

4. Live Music

URI is going to be rocking the Mezrano Law Firm Stage. They played last year and BROUGHT IT. Their show alone with worth the price of admission!

Photo by Ben George

5. Topgolf, Cigars, and More

Have you been dying to check out Topgolf but been unable to make it to the Magic City yet? We're literally bringing Topgolf to you. Check out a Topgolf demonstration and while you're at it, hit up our other awesome vendors, too! R&R Cigars will be at Bacon, Brew, & 'Que as well as the CBD Store of Northport, The Left Hand Soap Company, Pause Boutique, and Game Day at Bama Nation.

Maybe you're worried about staying hydrated during the hot and humid swamp that is Alabama in August, but guess what? The Tuscaloosa Tourism & Sports Convention has your back with a Hydration Station.

Attendees also get a sampling glass courtesy of Southern Ale House and Dotson's Burger Spot, so...

Y'all buy those tickets! We're about to sell out, and I wanna see your beautiful faces at Bacon, Brew, & 'Que!