It's been almost 2 weeks since the tragic killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This unfortunate killing has forced the usually uncomfortable conversation of racism and inequality to the forefront. Now more than ever, social media is filled with conversations on racial injustice, police brutality, and these conversations are being had in the workplace as well.

All over the country and the world, companies are speaking up and taking a stand against racial injustice for the world to see. It's really great to see it happening with a lot of major corporations. As a black man in America, knowing that the places I spend my money care about my rights, and fair treatment is always great. For too long, people have been silent or tip-toed around the subject. It feels like every day a new company releases a statement taking a stand against racism. I've compiled a shortlist of some major companies we all know that have taken a stand thus far.


6 Companies That Have Taken A Stand Against Racism


Knowing I can go to Starbucks, order from Amazon, or purchase phone service with Verizon and they are fighting for me is a huge relief. Many listeners have sent in messages concerned because their workplace hasn't spoken out about the issue. While giving them the benefit of the doubt, maybe the company just doesn't know how to approach the situation. I loved this article on PRNewsOnline about How Companies Can Avoid Making Empty Statements About Diversity. This article gives three easy steps to ensure that companies can properly navigate this sensitive issue. The steps are to read The Room, audit your actions before you edit your words, and then say the words. I really appreciated how they went in-depth about speaking on the issue and really attempts to successfully help these companies.

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