6 Things I Could Never Get Away With At My Parents' House 

This week I found myself looking over my shoulder as I went to open a new box of cereal. I knew there was already a box open but I wanted a different kind of cereal. I naturally was expecting to hear my mother yell at me "You better not open a new box before the other box is finished!" Then I told my self, "This is my house!!"

Growing up, there were just things you knew not to do. Being a kid in my parents' house, it felt like I'd get in trouble for everything. There was something at breakfast time I could get in trouble for, something on the way to school, or even on the way out of the door headed to school. The list goes on and on.

As an adult, I still get nervous doing certain things even if it's in my own house. I have to remind myself that I pay the bills, and my mother nor father doesn't even live with me! Lol! I can open whatever I want, leave whatever dish in the sink, and not clean up my room if I wanted to. Since that one morning when I got nervous trying to open a new cereal box, I've been thinking of the long list of things I just knew not to do in my parents' house. Although I could name about 70 things, I'll just name a few. Here are my 6 things I Could Never Get Away With At My Parents' House.

6 Things I Could Never Get Away With At My Parents House

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