It's National Pi Day, y'all, and you can count on your girl for the inside info. Here are the seven best places to get pie in and around T-Town.

Now, before you hit me with that "it's Pi Day, and not PIE Day," let me say I am NOT HERE FOR THAT ARGUMENT. I whole-heartedly embrace any and every occasion to enjoy a slice of pie, so... yeah. Let's do it!

1. Pie Lab

Pie Lab is in Greensboro, and it is worth the drive. It's like the Willy Wonka factory of pie. They have ALL the pies, too--everything from oatmeal cream or chess pies to pizzas and quiche. I had their chocolate bourbon pecan pie once and literally heard angels sing when I bit into it. It's THAT good.

2. That Cheesecake 

Cheesecake is technically a pie, and Tammy Smith is serving up the best cheesecake in Tuscaloosa. Get a large slice and thank me later when you're in fluffy, decadent cheesecake heaven. Better yet, get a whole cheesecake and bring it to me. I just might share. Maybe.

3. Jim 'N Nick's

I am ride or die for Jim 'N Nick's pie. The chocolate cream pie is what dreams are made of, and the lemon icebox pie is the best in this or any universe. I typically share my dessert with anyone who asks, but NOT HERE. I will physically fight anyone who tries to touch my pie.

4. Marco's Pizza

How about some pizza pie? Marco's is my fave pizza spot in town. IDK if cheese bread can be considered "pie" as well, but I think we can make a special dispensation for today because that cheese bread is BOOOOOOOOOOOOOMB.

5. Brummi's Yummies

Again, cheesecake is technically pie and y'all need to try the cheesecake at Brummi's. I hear the turtle cheesecake is ridiculous.

6. Milo's

Not all pie has to be fancy. Milo's little fried pies are just right. I don't know how they get the outside of the crust so crispy inside but tender inside. Maybe it's witchcraft?

7. Uperk

This little coffee shop's got it goin' on. Once I saw a picture of peach creme pie on their Insta, and by the time I got there it was sold out. I'm still stalking them like nobody's business, because momma gotta eat.


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