When I attend career fairs, I often ask students what subjects they think I might use most as a radio personality.  It often comes as quite a surprise that both math and reading are used in my profession.

Most of us have thought at some point that the subjects we studied in school would have no relevance after graduation, but both math and reading (which happen to be my favorite subjects) are used by most of us each day.

You’d probably believe that English or language arts would be most important to most Americans, but a quick visit to Facebook will dispel that myth.

Nevertheless, I digress.

In addition to reading articles and paraphrasing them into 30-second bits, I simply enjoy reading. My favorites are suspenseful stories, “who done its,” and books that help me manage my life and take better care of myself and my family.

Over the past several years, I’ve met a number of local authors who’ve written pieces that were inspirational, comforting, or that told stories which painted vivid images in the mind of the reader. These are some of my favorites.

7 Great Reads from West Alabama Authors

Admittedly, I haven't read all of these, although I have started on most of them.  As soon as I receive a new book, I read at least the first few pages, intending to come back to it. However, I rarely do.

Now that COVID-19 has slowed us down a bit, I've committed to finishing each of these.  Some are one-day reads. Others may take a few.

Another must-read for me is Kool Joe & Kitten by Dr. Lynette Smith.

Kool Joe and Kitten

I LOVE the wisdom and knowledge of my elders.  There's a saying that there's nothing new under the sun. Though the issues faced by different generations may have different mediums, the underlying causes are the same.

If you ever find yourself asking how couples could stay married for decades until death did them part FOR REAL, we might need to read this one together.  A digital download is available. There's even a "revisit." Check it out.


Do you have any other books from local authors? Digital downloads?  Send the info to me at jade.nicole@townsquaremedia.com.  Put "local author" in the subject line.

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