I feel like this doesn't need to said, but stop calling 911 for silly reasons.

From the Cop Log by The Tribune, 911 operators got a surprise for all the wrong reasons a few weeks ago. A group of children somehow got a hold of a disconnected cellphone, and wondered what they could do with it. They finally decided that wanted to order Pizza Hut. But the only issue is that the phone was disconnected, so they were out of luck.

Instead they decided to call 911 to order Pizza hut. However, they told the operator something completely different, instead asking for "pizza poop." It doesn't end there sadly, as the children called again, and said in unison "poopie poopie poopie" to the operator.

Police had to be sent to their location, and were ordered to stop messing around with 911. I get that prank calls can be fun, but wasting 911 operator's time is not worth it in the slightest.

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