How in the world did a 14 year old graduate college?

According to Marietta Daily Journal, Young Matthew McKenzie recently just graduated from both high school and Chattahoochee Technical College on the same day! But how did he manage to go so fast through the Georgia school system? It's simple, he was home schooled by his parents. After noticing their child was learning more quickly than other students, the parents of young McKenzie tried to enroll him in high school early, but the district strongly advised against it. Because of this response, the parents pulled him out of school and then made the choice to home school him.

What's even more amazing is that he isn't done with school yet! He's planning to attend Kennesaw State University to study Biochemistry, and the onto to Georgia Tech to get a degree in chemical engineering. His dream is to make his own line of cosmetics.

This young man is poised to do amazing things. Great job Matthew!

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