A Dr.Pepper Milkshake In Tuscaloosa? Here's Where To Get One! 

I've heard of some pretty bizarre food combinations in my life, but Dr. Pepper milkshake takes the cake! But It's just weird enough for me to try.

Today, I felt so great because of the way I started my day. I woke up nice and early and the first thing I did was go on my 1-mile run. I've been working on getting off this quarantine weight and today was like a fresh start.

Just when I feel like I'm doing good, I realized today is National Fast Food Day. The cherry on top is this bizarre new menu item at Whataburger.

I heard a rumor that Whataburger has added a Dr.Pepper Milkshake to their lineup. I COULD NOT believe it so I called them myself to ask. Here's how the conversation went.

Employee: Hello thank you for choosing Whataburger

Me: Hey. Uhhh....Do you guys really have a Dr.Pepper


Employee: Yes sir!

Me: Like... I can come to the restaurant and buy one today?!

Employee: LOL!!.. Yes Sir

Me: Have you tried it? If so, is it good?

Employee: Yes sir. We try everything that's on our menu. It's Good!

Me: Bet!

If I didn't have a radio show to do right now, I'd be in my car headed to the nearest Whataburger to try this odd yet intriguing new milkshake. As far as my workouts are concerned, I'll do some additional cardio tonight, cause I'm going to try that shake! Lol!

See my review on my Instagram @BigDawgDreDay. 

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