From the "This Could Only Happen To Me" Deptartment.....This past weekend, during the Alabama Game, (ROLL TIDE!), I got my Right Contact Lens STUCK up in my Eyeball, and it's STILL up there!

Therefore, I have spent the better part of this morning, my labor day off like many folks, RUBBING my eye, FLUSHING it with water, and even BLINKING rapidly, trying to get IT out, but it STILL up there! Anyway, I went out to Dollar General on Hargrove Rd. a few minutes ago, and while I'm waiting at the checkout, it starts to feel like the contact is ready to DROP out of my eye.

So, to help it along, I start BLINKING rapidly again. About 10 seconds after I start Blinking, I notice that the 80 Year-Old Lady Next To Me In Line, has started SMILING & WINKING BACK AT ME!!!

No matter what anybody says, I STILL got it, Baby!

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