Style is important to most people. But this might be a little too much of a hit to the wallet for me!

Recently, according to Business Insider, a very special bike was sold. What kind of bike was it you ask? Was is an antique? Perhaps a rare kind of bike produced in limited issue? As it turns out, this bike was one of a kind. It was a gold plated racing bike!

But the main question that you're also probably wondering about how much this rare bike costs. Well, prepare yourself, because the price is steep. The bike sold for 250,000 pounds, which translates to about 327,970 dollars! The buyer remains anonymous, which I don't blame the buyer for. My main question is how in the world would ride that bike around? I'd want to put it up on display!

Sorry Dad, I know your birthday is this week and I know you love biking, but there's no way I could a gold bike for you!

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