It's a once in a lifetime event, and I captured it on my iPhone.

A week ago Saturday, while I was on the air, I listener reminded me that the actual date was August 18, 2018, or 8/18/18.... I thought that was sorta cool.

Then, as I was doing my show, I thought I would try and monument the occasion by taking a screenshot of the event. However, I thought about it even further and said, "Let me see if I can get a picture of the date to the EXACT second". 

I looked up at my studio monitor and noticed that it was 8:13 p.m....Which meant I had 5 minutes to get ready for my shot. So, I sat there with my camera phone ready to take it.

Then, at 8:17 p.m. a friend called me.....Damn! I'm trying to take a picture here for prosperity's sake! So, I quickly answered it and said, "Can't talk right now I'll call you back in 5!" and hung up.

Right then, the clock turned 8:18...which meant that I had 18 seconds to get my shot! I got ready, kept my finger on the trigger, waiting for my perfect moment, and then I took my shot! I GOT IT!

Photo Courtesy Louie Linguini
Photo Courtesy Louie Linguini

Yep, it's 8:18:18 pm on 8/18/18!  SUCCESS!

Now, I just can't wait to take a picture of the NEXT one, which is only 13 months away. That's when I'll be ready for 9:19:19 pm on 9/19/19! :-)


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