Weddings seem like a hassle to plan sometimes don't they?

From the decor, to the venue, to everything in between, there's a lot going on. Especially for the couple, as both the bride and groom are worried about how the ceremony itself will go. The bride sometimes can get a little heated, turning into a so-called "bridezilla." For this story, this term might be appropriate.

Best Life has the story of wedding already in the planning stages. The soon to be bride has already enacted a dress code for the ceremony, which to be fair, is completely understandable. However the requirements are what is raising eyebrows. The requirements for men and women are absolutely ridiculous, in this DJ's eyes. For example men must wear the following for the nuptials:

-Purple Fuzzy Jacket
-Soda Hat
-All White Trainers
-Plain Glow Sticks

Also forgot to mention that's only if you weigh 100-200 pounds...if you're over the 200+ limit you have to wear:

-All Camoflage
-Black Sneakers

So in short, you have to follow the dress for wedding, and for the dancing, well you better have some money saved up, because guests have to have ANOTHER outfit worth 1,000 dollars!

I'm not even invited, and you can count me out!

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