Alabama Is The Nation's 5th Least Energy-Efficient State 

October is National Energy Awareness Month! I can't be the only one who had no idea lol. It turns out, Alabama isn't as energy-efficient as I thought according to this study.

Growing up in Florida, I always heard about energy efficiency. I honestly thought by now, it would be the norm to see solar panels on every house. When I moved to Alabama, I didn't see that. Realistically, I didn't see it in Florida either. With it being National Energy Awareness Month, I really wanted to see how the state of Alabama ranked among the nation in energy-efficiency.

According to this Wallet Hub study, the state of Alabama is the 5th least energy-efficient state 2020. I spoke with a few Alabamians and they weren't surprised at all. The study looked at home energy efficiency and auto energy efficiency. Alabama's home energy efficiency was ranked almost at the bottom coming in at #44. for this study, there were limitations so on 48 U.S states were used excluding Hawaii & Alaska.  We ranked 7th in vehicle-fuel efficiency which was great!

It looked like the south just has poor energy efficiency in general. Just looking at all of the bottom-ranked states, it's a lot of southern states. Tennesee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, & South Carolina all are in the bottom 10. Mississippi just made it about us at #43 making them the 6th least energy-efficient state in 2020.

What do you think needs to be done to increase Alabama's energy efficiency? Do you think we should increase our energy efficiency?

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