We all did. The recent saga in North Alabama with Vicky White, the jailer, and Casey White, the murderer, has captivated lots of us.

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From the word GO, it was obvious what was happening. A female guard/jail official and a male inmate not showing up for court or doctors appointments.

Many close to Vicky White have said that this is not the woman they know.

Casey Cole White and Vicky White.
Photo: Lauderdale County Sheriff's Office

So, who knew? A best friend? A family member? Who?

INMATES! That's who knew. They should have talked to inmates the first day this story began.

Lauderdale County investigators finally spoke with inmates close to Casey White. At that point, the truth came out.

WAFF TV confirmed this through their own independent investigation.

The words that I keep hearing inmates used to describe the couple are "special relationship".

The two have been missing since April 29.

How does this happen. Casey White tried to escape nearly a year ago. After that, he was never to be moved without TWO guards present at all times.

Clearly, that was not the case last week.

How do they even get time alone, to "FALL IN  LOVE"?

Where do they go for privacy in a jail with cameras everywhere?

Why would this woman with a perfect record, throw everything away for a guy that murdered a woman?

These are the questions we are all asking and may never get an answer for at this rate.

I'm betting they are long gone after planning every detail of this "escape" together.

They could be in Tahiti by now or somewhere in Alabama. I hope it was worth it Vicky White!

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