The college football season is currently hanging by a thread after the Mid-American Conference became the first FBS level conference to cancel its fall football season. The Big 10 has reportedly already voted to cancel its season as well, although those reports have been disputed. Several marquee names in college football have taken to Twitter to voice their desire to endure the COVID-19 protocols and have a 2020 football season.

Trevor Lawrence, quarterback of Clemson and likely future number one overall draft pick seems to have spearheaded a movement on Twitter expressing his desires and reasoning for why a college football season is possible amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Crimson Tide running back, Najee Harris was not far behind him posting the same hashtag. Harris was the first Alabama player to go to Twitter in support of playing this season.

Likely starting quarterback for Alabama, Mac Jones, made his first tweet since April in support of wanting to play a 2020 season. Jones has sat behind Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa and wants to use this year to show how talented he is.

Crimson Tide offensive lineman, Landon Dickerson joined in the movement by acknowledging the risk the college athletes are taking. While there certainly is risk, Dickerson is advocating for the players right to choose whether to play or not.

The NCAA has made it clear that players are allowed to opt-out of the season and keep their scholarship status should they feel uncomfortable with the risk involved with playing during the pandemic.

Highly touted Crimson Tide kicker, Will Reichard has put in extensive work in the offseason to be able to compete at full health. He endured two leg injuries in his freshman year that kept him from showing his talent. Reichard chimes in on Twitter advocating for a college football season.

Alabama tight end, Miller Forristall points out how strange it is to have students back on campus but not have football. While the athletes are not entirely in a bubble on campus, they do have access to top-notch health care and around the clock monitoring.

President Donald Trump even retweeted Lawrence and offered his words of support for the players who have worked all offseason for this season.

Many other players, administrators and media members from around the nation have been outspoken on Twitter in the last 24-hours attempting to make their voices heard.

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