Alabama Principal Shows His Moves In COVID-19 Safety Video

As kids return to school, some in person and some virtually there are concerns about COVID-19.  An Alabama High School principal showed us all his fancy dance moves in his viral COVID-19 Safety Video.  It is a parody of “U Can’t Touch This” with an important message as well.  The video is below.

This high school principal is all the way fun because he was mixing his message with dance moves from the early ’90s.  According to CNN, “Childersburg High School Principal Quentin Lee was the mastermind behind a "U Can't Touch This" parody video, made to the tune of the famous MC Hammer song. Lee says he aimed to "share some joy" and deliver important safety lessons to prepare students for a strange new classroom environment.”

My high school principal was pretty cool, but I’m sure many people think that their principal was never that cool.  It does seem that Childersburg High School Principal Quentin Lee has a way of connecting to his students, and I think that is awesome.  CNN noted that “the school district is beginning the year with a "blended model," operating at half-capacity with students going into class for in-person instruction on Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday and alternating on Wednesdays.”

By the look of Dr. Quentin Lee’s dance moves, I wouldn’t be surprised if he owned a pair of the famous hammer pants in the ’90s.  I am passing on major kudos to Dr. Lee for bringing awareness to all the various safety tips concerning COVID-19 in such a unique and exciting manner.  At the time of this story, Dr. Lee’s parody video has already been viewed over 5 million times.

(Source) For Dr. Lee presents Can’t Touch This COVID Parody video on YouTube, click here.  For more from the CNN article, click here. 

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