Red-light cameras, yay or nay?

Well, I am not sold on them. Hear me out. Not only are they doing the job of the police force, but who is calibrating the cameras to make sure they are in proper working condition?

That I don’t know…

So…are there many accidents, some fatal, due to people running red lights? The answer is yes. This is a national issue, not just in our area.

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Accidents at the intersections where these red light cameras are used have decreased statewide by 50%. Yet other states have shown an increase in fatal accidents. Why is that?

Is our data wrong? Hear me out…

Well, there are numerous reports where there is an increase in rear-end collisions and side-impact crashes. So yes the amount of crashes that happen in the intersection has decreased, but other impacts have increased.

So yes the data is correct, yet I think it’s misleading.

The revenue produced by these cameras is a good thing for the cities that use them. I mean the Tuscaloosa area is included.

Yet… how accurate is our data? From the number of increased collisions due to people hitting their brakes versus trying to beat the light, what’s the percentage of both of those? Unknown for our area. Yet some cities nationwide have used such data and removed red light cameras completely.

Maybe a study needs to be done to show the total percentage of the other types of collisions in intersections using red-light cameras? Has the number increased enough to invalidate the use of these cameras? I mean does any major city want to lose a money maker in revenue?

So I can’t say what I think right now. I would need more data on the subject before I decide and say yes. Yet as a motorist … I can’t stand them.

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