Something is going on with the snake population in Alabama.

It seems we are hearing or seeing a crazy snake story every other day!

In fact, recently reports on this fact have been released.

For example, bites are UP almost 50% in Alabama in 2022.

That could ONLY be true if more snakes are slithering around Alabama this year.

Here comes, some VERY scary recent examples.

Imagine this, you leave your house and exit out the front door.

You are bitten by a snake that just happens to be HANGING on your front door!


Northport, Alabama has been the area for two recent snake incidents.

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This one, just a few days ago.

And again, a snake (cottonmouth), in my hometown.

From the Northport Citizens Alliance Facebook page, see below.

Photo: Northport Citizens Alliance/Facebook
Photo: Northport Citizens Alliance/Facebook
Photo: Northport Citizens Alliance/Facebook
Photo: Northport Citizens Alliance/Facebook

What would you do if you were Melissa Miller and woke up with one in bed?

You must understand that this lady was simply trying to take a few days off and relax.

Melissa was staying at a hotel near Orange Beach (nameless at her request) when she couldn't believe what was next to her in the morning.

I, on a sidenote, would own this hotel. However, the victim doesn't seem too upset about her visitor.

In fact, here's what she had to say about the incident.

I could not be this calm under the circumstances.

Shouldn't the hotel offer her something? Well, that's beside the point. The point is a SNAKE WAS IN HER BED!

Ladies, how many times have you found out that the thing you were waking up beside every morning, was also a snake?

That's exactly what I thought.

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