To be clear I’m not an outdoor person. I like the air-condition way too much. Also, I enjoy a comfy bed.

Another reason I’m not an outdoor person is deadly and venomous animals. See, I’m not quick and a tad bit dramatic.

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Case in point > Just today, I encounter some wasps. I think everyone in the 35405 zip code heard me scream.

The Common wasp.

IMO, Wasps are pretty intense but not enough to make Alabama’s most dangerous animals list. I think it should be on the list because those suckers are full of vengeance.

But I couldn’t imagine being the woman who had a deadly brown recluse spider crawl into her ear. This is what would happen to me, down for the count.


Condé Nast Traveler names tons of animals across the world that are dangerous like “a hippopotamus, cone snail, pufferfish, a cape buffalo” and so many others. Let’s just say, I don’t want to encounter any of them.

Now, some of the dangerous animals on the Alabama list have me somewhat confused. Let’s check out what Journeying The Globe and Ranker believe is the Yellowhammer States' most dangerous animals.

(Source) Click here for more from Condé Nast Traveler.

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