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I remember the days of going to an Alabama football game with a paper ticket in hand, handing it to the usher, and getting a stub back. I remember the days of going to rock or country music concerts with paper tickets and saving the ticket stub as part of my souvenir collection. Those days have faded away. Now we have digital tickets.  No paper tickets. And ticket scammers are taking advantage of this digital ticket convenience.

Scammers are motivated by big sporting events like Alabama football games, concerts, or anything using digital tickets. The Better Business Bureau has the following recommendations when buying tickets:

1- Use payment methods that come with protection. Credit cards and not debit cards.

2- Read the fine print.

3- Use caution when opening emails and text messages.

4- Make sure you buy from a trusted seller.

5- Do your homework when buying tickets.

6- Download your ticket to a digital wallet beforehand.

7-  Make sure you have access to a smartphone.

For more information or to check out people you're doing business with go to

If you've spotted or become the victim of a ticketing scam report it immediately to the Federal Trade Commission's website. And with the BBB at- tracker.

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