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Check out the screen shots of the text messages below.
"SEX TRAFFICKING WARNING...there is a sex trafficking text going around a couple states close by. it's a pic of a red headed girl acting like she's trying to get a hold of a guy she went on a date with, then if you reply to her being nice simply saying "you have the wrong number." they can track your location. i got a text friday and didn't think anything about and thought it was just a joke or something and she sent me a nude and then messages that i could tell were already pre written out and then i deleted the texts. and i opened facebook just a little bit ago and seen a post of people having similar issues with the same picture. these people are changing their area code and using different phone number based off of where you live. they used 336 for mine, and 865 on a lady from tennessee. i turned off all of my locations on all of my apps. PLEASE DO NOT TEXT THIS NUMBER BACK. there is also a blonde headed girl going around doing the same and it’s believed to be sex trafficking scam."
Maddy Crane posted this message to Facebook. I've heard a lot of people are getting these messages. They are also changing the area codes to match your own number. Stay aware and stay safe. This kind of scum doesn't stop, we have to get better at spotting these scams to protect our kids.
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attachment-Maddy crane facebook

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