The likelihood that AC/DC are recording a new album seemed even greater after guitarists Angus Young and Stevie Young were photographed together at the Vancouver studio where the band recorded their last three LPs.

Rumors began circulating after it was reported that Stevie and drummer Phil Rudd had been seen in the city. That was followed with a photo of Rudd and singer Brian Johnson on the sun deck at Warehouse Studios. The Ear of Newt website, which originated both of those reports, has now added a third picture of Angus offering Stevie a light for a cigarette on the sun deck.

“There might not be any newer ones to come,” writer Steve Newton said, “because word got out that the Aussie earbusters were being spied on, and now there’s a big umbrella on the deck blocking the sight of any legendary rockers sipping coffee or whatever’s in those white mugs.”

You can see the picture in the tweet below:

Newton continued: “But for now here’s some proof that Angus and Stevie Young are hangin’ out at the Warehouse along with the Ruddinator and Big Bad Bri (or Triple-B, as I just nicknamed him). I’m not saying they’re recording a new album there, just because they’ve done it three times before. They could be playing Tiddly Winks with longtime mixer-engineer Mike Fraser for all I know. But holy crap – it’s fun to ponder, am I right?”

Stevie joined AC/DC in place of Malcolm Young, who retired due to dementia in 2014, three years before his death. Stevie had stood in for Malcolm in the past. Angus, the sole remaining original member, was reported to have started work on an album earlier this year. At the time, it was said to involve Axl Rose, who helped the band complete their Rock or Bust tour after Johnson was forced to bow out over serious hearing issues. Longtime bassist Cliff Williams retired at the end of the tour.

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