You gotta love Tuscaloosa Residents! We love our friends, our family, and our FOOTBALL.....ROLL TIDE! Something else we love is our FOOD. So much so, that anytime a new restaurant opens in town, we all have to FLOCK to it.

Remember when Captain D's opened on Skyland? People waited for 35 minutes in the drive-thru, (nevermind the fact that there is ANOTHER Captain D's on McFarland that's 5 minutes from there). How about Whataburger? Remember last year when it opened on Skyland? A 45 minute wait in the drive-thru because we ALL had to eat there at the same time! Milo's a few years back? The same thing! We Tuscaloosans are PREDICTABLE . If a new restaurant opens in town, we all HAVE to eat there in the first few weeks! 

However, this latest opening has me baffled.....Krystal on McFarland. The restaurant has been there for YEARS, but closed in May to rebuild and remodel in the same location. So, when Krystal re-opened this past Monday, I wasn't expecting the typical grand opening rush that most restaurants receive......Boy, was I WRONG!

Once again, people flocked to buy their sack full of Krystal's. (Even though it's only been gone for THREE months!). Were we ALL craving Krystal at the same time? Or is it something in the Black Warrior River water that makes us have to all gravitate at the same time to the new place in town?

I even stopped by at 12:05am Sunday Morning when I got off the air, and attempted to wait it out in line. I eventually backed out because I didn't feel like waiting. But I DID take the above picture to document the INSANITY.

In any event, I'll try again in a few weeks....after the "new car smell" wears off.


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