Talk about getting into the holiday spirit!

Jenny Freeman stopped at an ATM in Brookings, Oregon, when she turned around to see a Christmas Display in front of the KFC/Taco Bell restaurant, alongside the Oregon Coast Highway.

At just the right moment, she spotted two Inflatable Snowmen being slammed by high-velocity winds. What ensued was an Inflatable Snowman Fight caught on her smartphone. As she wrote on social media, "Inflatable snowman in a serious brawl during a windstorm.

However, if you're on Santa's "Naughty List", the Inflatable Snowmen might appear to be doing something else.

Now, I don't know which of Santa's Lists you're on this year, but a good barometer might be to watch this video and you make the call.

Ask yourself the following question: "Are these snowmen fighting? Or are they doing something else?"

The answer WILL let you know which list you are on this year.

In any event, watch the video below, because it is hilarious!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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