Having a child is an life changing moment for a couple.

Along with the joy of welcoming new member to the family, comes the traditional celebrations. One of these being a Baby shower. Friends of mother get together and bring gifts for the newborn that's about to join the world. But not every shower goes to plan, and sometimes things get a little heated.

Newsweek reports that a baby shower was cancelled because the mother named her child something quite interesting to say the least. The unnamed mother is going to name her child "Squire Sebastian Senator." This drew many reactions from the family, mostly humorous ones. After she was prodded too many times about the name, the mother finally reacted. She cancelled the shower, and proceeded to tell her family how she felt about everyone making fun of her unborn child.

If you want to see the full post, it has recently gained traction on Reddit, and it certainly is a very polarizing name. What's your opinion? Should she have cancelled the shower?

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