The Alabama Crimson Tide softball team (19-1) falls for the first time this season in its final game of the Easton T-Town Showdown. Alabama’s loss (1-0) to South Alabama is head coach Patrick Murphy’s first loss to an in-state school that is not Auburn.

South Alabama’s pitcher, freshman Olivia Lackie, was able to quiet Alabama’s bats holding the team to no runs and three hits in seven innings.

“Their pitcher did an awesome job; she didn’t miss many spots,” Murphy said. “We just didn’t make enough adjustments.”

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Alabama had a few opportunities to score in three innings but could not capitalize. In the bottom of the fourth, Bailey Hemphill hit a two-out single but didn’t move anywhere as Lackie got the final out in the inning with just two pitches.

In the bottom of the fifth, Claire Jenkins hit a leadoff stand-up double. Lackie followed with three strikeouts to end the inning.

“She got into a groove,” Murphy said about Lackie. “When an opposing pitcher starts to get people out, her confidence goes through the roof.”

In the final inning, Jenkins singled and got her second hit of the night with one out in the inning.

The crowd cheered and clapped for Jenkins even louder than they had been cheering the whole night as Alabama was down to its last two outs.

“I was a little worried that there wouldn’t be anybody here [because of the time change]. I think it was one of our best crowds we had,” Murphy said of the present Alabama fans. “I hate it when we don’t use the crowd to our advantage because it is an advantage for us.”

Lackie retired the last two batters of the night shortly after Jenkins's single giving South Alabama its victory over No. 2 Alabama.

The Crimson Tide will head to Auburn this week to begin SEC play.

“Playing in the SEC is a marathon; it's not a sprint,” Murphy said. “You’re going to be playing against great competition week in and week out.”

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