Be Sure to Spell Valentine’s Day Correctly

Love is complicated enough without tossing in some grammar.  We all know folks that are a card-carrying member of the social media grammar police.  So, I figured I would help you out since love is in the air because we are so close to Valentine’s Day.  However, even the most thoughtful gifts, social media posts, and cards could be met with some tension.

Let’s start out with the subtle difference between Valentine and Valentime.  It is NOT Valentimes … there is no “m” in the word.

According to Life Hacker, you should “Capitalize both the V and the D in 'Valentine's Day.'”

According to Writing Explained, you should use “Valentine, when used to refer to a gift given to someone on Valentine’s Day, can be singular or plural.”

Why does Valentine’s Day include an apostrophe, well Writing Explained noted that you could “think of Valentine’s Day as the holiday belonging to St. Valentine. In fact, the formal name of the holiday is St. Valentine’s Day, which makes it that much more obvious why there is a possessive formation.”

Or you can do like me, just be single for the holiday!  And worry about how to spell Galentine’s Day. - @MaryKRadio 

(Source) To read the full article from Writing Explained, click here. and from Life Hacker, click here. 

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