Birmingham, Alabama Teacher Goes Viral After Allegedly Having Sex During Zoom Call

A Teacher in Alabama is facing backlash after many social media users are alleging she had sex during a zoom call.

A video posted to Twitter shows a Zoom user with the handle "BCS Employee" on camera laying horizontally, then moving in a back and forth motion. Moments later, a shirtless man momentarily appears on camera.

In the video, a woman can be heard shouting, "God! He is beating her guts out!" Many on social media seem to agree with the woman in the video, who yelled the colloquial term for having sex.

The Twitter video was posted with the caption, "This is why Birmingham City Schools kids out and virtual! Teachers ain't teaching." the post went on to say, "No morals. Just throw the whole school system away."


It's being said that the Zoom call in the video could be from one or two "Covid Conversations" hosted by Birmingham City Schools. These calls included parents, faculty, and staff members.

People all over social media are voicing their opinions on this video. Some are defending the "BCS Employee" saying that she wasn't having sex on camera. Getting a massage, and falling asleep during the call were some defense stories for the teacher.

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Others are outraged, saying the unidentified teacher was definitely having sex on camera and should be disciplined for the video.

The video has now gone viral and many are wondering how something like this could happen with children possibly present on the call.

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