Three of Tuscaloosa's favorite restaurants were burglarized this week, and police are investigating whether the break-ins are connected.

A police spokeswoman said a burglary was reported at Rama Jama's on Paul W. Bryant Drive by a TPD patrol officer on the 15th. Two days later, additional break-ins occurred a few miles away at Jim N Nicks BBQ and at Taco Mama in downtown Tuscaloosa.

A source familiar with the break-in at Jim N Nick's said the burglar pried open the drive-thru window late Thursday night or early Friday morning and ripped into the till there, but took no money -- the drawers containing cash were locked in a safe at closing.

The burglar then made their way to Taco Mama, where they may have been caught on surveillance cameras.

It is not currently known if the Tuesday night break-in at Rama Jama's was committed by the same person who burglarized the other two restaurants two days later.

The TPD spokeswoman said more information may be available Tuesday when more resources and personnel are available after the holiday weekend.

Stay tuned to this site and station for more details as they are released.

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