For once, people are actually happy you could smell someone from a mile away.

The story, coming to us from The Sun, describes the beginning of any normal day for Ryan Boyd. He was about the head out for work when he noticed 2 people lounging near his home. He noticed them only because...they smelled terrible. But Ryan carried on his day, as he had to get to work.

After his long work day, Ryan returned home to find that his house was vandalized, and some of his personal belongings stolen. But in his shock, he smelled something disgusting, yet familiar. He realized that possibly the 2 men he saw earlier could have been the thieves. Acting quickly, he called a game shop. The burglars stole 2 of his game consoles, and hoping they sold the consoles for money. To his luck, the shop told him that someone just came in selling the exact consoles and games he owned.

Boyd then called the police, who got the store's camera footage. Police reviewed the footage, and discovered Barry O'Pray and his accomplice were the thieves. They were promptly arrested for breaking and entering.

Sometimes fate smiles upon the fortunate, and thankfully, Ryan's quick thinking helped him tremendously.

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