Cold food stinks, but it doesn't warrant this reaction!

The story, taking place in Ontario, Canada starts off like this. A customer, unnamed, decided to satisfy his hunger by ordering McDonald's through Uber Eats. However when he received his food he discovered it was not as warm as he expected it to be. So now the customer has cold food and more than displeased. So what did he do? Well, his reaction may or may not surprise you.

CBC News reports that the customer called 911 and reported the cold food as an emergency. Police were dispatched to the McDonald's in question, as the customer had gone to the restaurant to complain. Officers had to explain that calling 911 over cold food was not a viable reason to call the emergency service, and also sent out a public announcement reminding citizens to use 911 for emergencies only.

People always seem to amaze me for the reasons they call 911...

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