Candy Corn Season Has a New Star This Year

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The fall season officially starts on September 22nd and goes until December 21st in coordination with the autumnal equinox.  The part I don’t like about the fall season is that the sun will start rising later, and darkness comes soon.  However, one of my favorite holidays is in the fall season, which is Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving holiday is all about spending time with the ones you love and creating lasting memories.  When my parents were living, Thanksgiving was always at my house, and the food and gatherings were endless.  When I lived in Birmingham, I always hosted a Thanksgiving evening dessert party, which was a way for family, friends, and staff to connect and enjoy time together.

Anyone will tell you that my Thanksgiving meal is the bomb dot com!  My turkey is to perfection with an endless supply of sides and desserts.  So, when I found out that Brach’s is offering a “Turkey Dinner” candy corn to the fall candy line up, I was intrigued.

Yes, Turkey Dinner flavored candy corn.  People magazine explored this unique addition, and “according to the packaging, the candy comes in six classic Thanksgiving flavors: green beans, roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, ginger glazed carrot, sweet potato pie, and stuffing. Luckily all those flavors aren't mixed in a single piece of candy. The pieces of candy come in different colors that coordinate with the flavor like green for green beans.”

I applaud Brach’s for having creativity!  I checked in with my candy source (my cousin lol) and this is his review of the six flavors while we were on the phone:

Sweet potato pie (white bottom, orange tip): “This one is really good.  It’s tastes like sweet potato pie.  I can taste the cinnamon too.”

Carrot (all orange): “Oh wow, this is sweet.  I wasn’t expecting that.  There is a spice to it as well.”

Green Beans (all green): “Ok, this is the green bean one.  [After a few seconds of silence.]  It’s weird, I kinda like it.  Somewhat on the sweet side.”

Cranberry sauce (all red): “Don’t let me down Cranberry sauce.  [lot’s of yummy noises] This is my favorite so far, sweet and sour.”

Turkey (Yellow bottom, brown tip): “Interesting but … very odd.”
Stuffing (brown bottom, white tip): “I can’t explain the taste.”

(Source) For more from People, click here.

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