Most in Hale County know (and are probably related to) Eugene Tinker, founder and CEO of Certified Technical Experts, Inc.

Tinker is a Sawyerville native who has accumulated massive success in the field of information technology (IT), and he often returns to the area where he was raised to give back to the community with school supply giveaways, turkey giveaways at Thanksgiving, and toy giveaways at Christmas.

Tinker also offers scholarships and internships to area students, providing them with a step up in their post-high school and professional endeavors.

So, it's no surprise that when he developed technology to assist in the fight against COVID-19, he decided to "bring it on home."

The latest development from Certified Technical Experts, Inc. is called WeSCAN.  The technology not only checks temperatures to alert when an individual has a fever (which is imperative in terms of COVID-19 as well as any other infection), but it is also a means of recognizing when a mask is or isn't being worn, which assists in areas where they are required. It may be used as a means of monitoring attendance as well.

The beauty of WeSCAN is that it puts no one at risk.  Rather than having an individual to check temperatures and placing them at possible risk of exposure due to proximity, the technology does it all and provides a report.

Today, from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m., those interested in experiencing the mechanics of WeSCAN may get an up close and personal view at the Greensboro City Hall.

All government entities and business owners are invited to attend, or to schedule a personal presentation, contact Certified Technical Experts, Inc.

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