Tuscaloosa isn't exactly known for its driver-friendly roads, so let's sort this out now. This is the definitive scorecard of major Tuscaloosa roads. 

McFarland Boulevard: 2/10
Not many potholes, but the traffic is always a NIGHTMARE. I would rather have four root canals at the same time with no anesthetic than drive on McFarland Boulevard.

15th Street: 6/10
Meh. I'm not like super mad at it, but traffic gets a little crazy during rush hours.

My Driveway: 10/10
No one bothers me here. It's also a prime place to cry in the car.

Lurleen Wallace Boulevard South: 0/10
AAHHAHAHHAHAHA what a hot dumpster fire. The roadwork downtown has turned this badboy into Mad Max: Fury Road.

University Boulevard: 10/10
This road has Egan's, Taco Mama, and Bryant-Denny. IDK what else you could need.

Bryant Drive: 10/10
Anything named after The Bear gets a perfect score.

Campus Drive: 3/10
DUDE, there are so many potholes on this road. Campus Drive is personally responsible for the misalignment of my tires. I want a refund.

Skyland Boulevard: 1/10
No. Just no. Not only do you have to drive past the post-apocalyptic wasteland that is the rotting carcass of McFarland Mall, the empty Chili's, and the abandoned Cheddar's, you also have to contend with stupid amounts of traffic. Also everyone runs the red light at the intersection of Skyland and McFarland because it's set to stay green for like .0000024 seconds and no one can drive through an intersection that quickly.

69 South: 2/10
I was going to give this one negative points, but at least it was recently widened to three lanes, so... ?

Hargrove Road: 5/10
It's not the worst, but it isn't the best.

Queen City Avenue: 4/10
Will someone please explain to me WHY the stupid traffic circle near the old Sam Jackson's exists? Just driving through this thing makes me want to die.

Hackberry Lane: 6/10
I wanted to give this a high score because it's so close to my favorite things (Jack's, OZ Music, and Druid City Brewing Company), but asdfjkl; have you ever been stuck because of the train? It's hell.

Greensboro Avenue: 6/10
Home to Babe's Doughnuts, Central Mesa, and Chuck's Fish (ride or die for their sushi, y'all), this road would have gotten a higher score if it weren't for the damn train.

I-359: 7/10
I like being able to bypass the traffic, but the bell ends of this highway are NUTS. Nothing like going 75 mph and then ten seconds later coming to a dead stop because traffic is backed up again.

Starbucks Drive-Thru: 10/10
I get brownies here. Also caffeine. Also no one sees me cry in my car here either, so... FLAWLESS.

Kicker Road: 9/10
Best way to avoid traffic IMHO. It's just been repaved, so the potholes aren't terrible. Anything that gets me off McFarland gets an A in my book.


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