Check Out This Cool 70s Themed Airbnb In Alabama

There are plenty of cool Airbnb options in the state of Alabama. Tiny houses, domes, and even themed cottages.

Earlier this year, I found a cool dome Airbnb right here in Alabama. IT was where I first learned about the term glamping. Now I've found a cool themed Airbnb that I'm sure plenty of people would love to have a few nights in.

Over in Dadeville, Alabama, there is a 70's themed Airbnb that sits on Lake Martin. They went all out with this place! According to the Airbnb page, the cabin was built in the late '60s, so they kept that mid century Era. Orange & Avocado green w/ Grays & a modern twist.

It's crazy because when I think of the '70s that avocado green and orange are the first two colors that come to mind. Check out some pics from "That 70s Kottage."

70s Themed Cottage On Lake Martin

I know if I was to stay here, one of the first shows I'd watch is That 70s Show! I'd have to. Next would be the Brady Bunch. I might even go through all of those classic 70s shows my parents used to watch all the time.

It costs a cool $100 per night to book this Airbnb. This would be a cool place to gather the family or some friends and hop in the time machine for a cool stay at this 70s themed cottage. If you'd like more info, click here. 

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