With the Cotton Bowl matchup between the Tide and Bearcats fast approaching, both sides have engaged in banter. Fans on both sides passionately defending their team, saying they will move onto the National Championship. Alumni from both teams also chimed in, specifically Avery Johnson, a former Wide Receiver of the Bearcats was simple in his thoughts on the game.

This isn't the first time a former or present player has chimed in saying a team will defeat Alabama. Bo Nix, a former Auburn Quarterback who has since transferred to Oregon, also said Cincinnati can beat Alabama. Kirk Herbstreit has also gone on record as saying both teams matchup well.

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A player Tide fans are familiar with, Jerome Ford, is involved in this meeting, even asking media to stop referring to him as a "Tide Transfer."

The Bearcats are also no stranger to big lights of the college football stage. The Bearcats last year earned an invite to the Peach Bowl, taking on Georgia. The game itself came down to the wire, as a field goal and a last second safety caused by the Georgia defense was enough for the Bulldogs to prevail 24-21.

As of writing, the Bearcats are an 13.5 point underdog coming into to the Cotton Bowl matchup with the Tide. Anything can happen in the College Football Playoff, but the Bearcats will have their hands full with Alabama if they want to move on to the National Championship to play either Michigan, or Georgia, their opponent from last year.

Game time is set for 2:30 PM CST/ 3:30 PM EST on December 31st.

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