Really? C'mon man.

List after list we the people of Alabama are mocked and kicked around.

I'm sick of it.

How 'bout you?

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Another list of states that are "GREAT" or "AWFUL" in some category of life. QUALITY OF LIFE. Like, Best Towns For High Paying Jobs or Best Cities For Rent Prices, etc.

NOW, comes the list of the BEST & WORST states for single people in America.

The folks at Wallethub are the ones who did the work on this metric of places that are great for US single people.

Some of the metrics involved? The highest share of single adults.

Louisiana was #1 in that area.

Most restaurants were another deciding factor. It sure seems like Tuscaloosa and Birmingham are doing just fine in this area to me. New restaurants are constantly popping up in West Alabama.




What are the BEST states to be single in?

5. Pennsylvania

My family is from here and I know it well. I'm not sure if I would have it on the list of best states for single people.

4. Texas

Of course. They make every BEST list.

3. Florida

I can buy this one. Florida is just plain fun.

2. New York

Don't get me started.

And the best state for singles in 2024...

1. California

If you are extremely wealthy, well yeah, it's great.


5. Kentucky

The bluegrass and basketball just don't turn folks on, I guess.

4. Alabama

HERE WE ARE! Mississippi was the 6th worst state. What is so bad about being single in Alabama? I am single and have lived here for many years. I met some wonderful people here who are still close to me after all these years.

3. Alaska

OK, that's pretty funny. But c'mon, Alabama is barely better than ALASKA for single people?

2. Idaho

Potatoes. Not sexy.

And the worst state?

1. South Carolina

Kinda odd.

But whatever. I can't get over being edged out by our neighbors in MISSISSIPPI...and we barely beat ALASKA.

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