In the world of convenience stores, clearly "Buc-ees" is the KING.

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However, as a person that often travels to Virginia to see family, this is a pretty darn cool store.

WAWA, the popular convenience chain is looking at Alabama cities, after announcing upcoming Panhandle locations.

WAWA blows away anything I have seen in Tuscaloosa or West Alabama or Birmingham for that matter.

So, it appears the first location is coming to Mobile, Alabama however the press release does talk about expansion across Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

WAWA might have the best food of any of the "super convenience stores" I have seen in the last 20 years.

Restaurant quality food at their locations and of course all kinds of craft coffees with other specialty beverages. The best part is the prices are not ridiculous at most stores I've been in.

NOW, if we could just get a LOTTERY and a CASINO in Alabama, I'd be happy.

Come on, doesn't anyone else think it's crazy that Alabama has no lotto or gambling and Florida and Mississippi are raking it in off these two items.

I'm not sure if we'll ever get either one of these things in my lifetime.

Well, I can dream.

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