Confirmed Coronavirus Cases In States Surrounding Alabama

The states surrounding Alabama have confirmed Coronavirus Cases.  This means Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee.  Here are the stats for each state at the time of this blog post.  As we know, the Coronavirus Cases are frequently updating.


According to Florida Health, there are “positive cases of COVID-19, 42 Florida Residents, 5 Florida Cases Repatriated, 3 Non-Florida Residents, 2 Deaths Florida Residents, Number of Negative Test Results 301, Number of Pending Test Results 147, Number of People Under Public Health Monitoring 476, and 1230 people monitored to date.


According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, “there are now 31 confirmed cases or presumptive positive cases of COVID-19 in 12 counties around Georgia.”


According to the Mississippi State Department of Health, there is only “1 total Coronavirus Case.”


According to the TN Department of Health, the “total COVID-19 Tests Completed -88, Number Negative – 79, Number Positive – 9.”

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