Imagine coming home fro ma long day of work to a loving new family member that is waiting to be held and cuddled by you. Your kids can return home to a new small-sized pet as well. I mean, who doesn't love holding cute little puppies?! Every week we team up with the Humane Society of West Alabama to bring you a new pet who is up for adoption and is looking for a loving home. Often times we find that adopted pets are really great to have because they have so much love to give. I know that has been my experience every time I've adopted a pet in my life. This week's HSWA Pet of the Week is Edward.


Press Release

Edward is a 7 to 8-year old Chihuahua mix who weighs only 9 lbs.  He was found roaming campus, but is now safe with his foster family. Edward does well with dogs that are similarly sized, loves being around his chosen person, and wants to be held all the time. He has a nice, calm energy about him and even does well on car rides. Edward does have a heart murmur that will require medication that costs about $60/month. This pint-sized pup is looking for someone who will provide all the snuggles he deserves.

Edward is up-to-date on vaccinations, heartworm negative, neutered, and microchipped.  All HSWA dogs are either at our Dog Adoption Facility or in foster. Please call us at 205-554-0011 or email to request an appointment to see Edward. Our adoption fee is $75.

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