Be careful! Listening to too much Christmas Music might not be good for you according to this ARTICLE published by BUSINESS INSIDER. 

The article, which was written last December, warns people that listening to Holiday Tunes repeatedly could be detrimental to one's mental health. In a nutshell, researchers say that, " at first, holiday music can be uplifting, but after a certain period of time, it can cause boredom, and even distress." The article also maintains that, "repetition of holiday music can have a psychological impact", and that it can also, "remind listeners of the other stresses of the holidays like finances and family."

The researchers further elaborate by stating, "the brain becomes oversaturated, triggering a negative response. If you're already worried about  money, work, or seeing family during the holidays, the constant inundation of cheerful tunes may reinforce your stress instead of relieving it."

After reading the article, I had to check and see if author was none other than "Mr. Grinch". I mean, it doesn't take Dr. Einstein to figure out that, like anything, too much of one thing might not be good for you. I can't imagine that listening to Cardi B. being played every 15 minutes on the local Top 40 radio station is a good thing for your brain either. The key is MODERATION.

The researchers do offer similar advice by adding, "switch up your music so people's brains don't get bored. Playing the same Christmas songs all season long produces cognitive failure. Practice good sound management by varying your playlists and keeping the volume in check."

To each his own. Personally, I'm going to take my chances and BLAST Christmas Tunes all day long today, because I'm putting up my tree and I need all the motivation and inspiration that I can get!


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