David Crosby said despite negative feelings between him and former bandmates Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and Neil Young, the band could still reunite over their shared hatred for Donald Trump.

In recent years, Crosby became involved in a feud with Young, over the latter's new girlfriend, and with Nash about comments made in a book. “My relationship with David began to sour," Nash said last year. "We used to be on the same page, but not anymore." Still, he didn’t rule out a reunion; Young echoed those sentiments.

In a new interview with Billboard, Crosby was asked about a reunion spurred by Trump’s election. “Yes, it might [happen], but we don’t get along, and we haven’t gotten along for a while,” he said. “They’re all mad at me. But they all dislike Donald Trump very much, the same way I do. We dislike him intensely because he’s a spoiled child who can’t do his job. So a reunion is possible. We don’t like each other, but we like Trump a whole lot less.”

When asked if Young, who's joined the trio sporadically over the years, would be part of this reunion, Crosby replied, “Well, that’s the only way you could reunite the band, isn’t it?” Still, he conceded "there’s a whole variety of reasons" his former bandmates don't get along with him lately. "You’ll have to ask them,” he added.

But, as Crosby pointed out, there's far more hatred for Trump. "I don’t just bash him -- I take him apart and hang him up by his thumbs," he said. "I really, really, dislike the guy. But at my concerts I come down pretty hard on most politicians. I have a very low opinion of politicians.” He also confirmed he doesn't want Trump supporters at his shows. “I don’t need them,” he said.

Even with all this, Crosby insisted he's in a “really happy” state of mind. “There’s only a couple of things that really matter to me: my music and my family," he said. "I’ve made three records in the last three years, and I’m working on a fourth now. They’re good records. That’s what I should be doing. Whatever time I have left on this planet should be dedicated to making the best music I can. It’s the one contribution I can make. Music helps things; it makes things better. Just like war drags down everything and brings out the worst in human beings, music brings out the best.”

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