Back in November, I wrote a blog about Daylight Savings time when the sun goes down faster that I was used to. I remember saying "daylight savings Time, it just takes some time to get used to. I think I'll be used to it some time in 2020. It'll probably right when we set our clocks forward an hour smh!" It's safe to say that Nuppy has killed that dream of me getting used to it in 2020.


With the recent benchmark turning one month old, our son has been growing and becoming more alert and establishing a daily routine. He's up by 9am, taking a mid day nap from noon-2p. One of the things me and mom didn't think of is that Daylight Savings time disrupts our newborn son's newly established routine. We're not even days into the time change and something was off about Nuppy. He was being extra fussy.


After he finally fell asleep an hour before his regular nap time, it clicked! His body hasn't adjusted to Daylight savings time! It's the smallest things that we overlook with newborns. To help other parents, I've found these 4 tips from TakingCaraBabies.Com to help your child adjust with Daylight Savings time.


1.) Maintain a consistent bedtime routine.

2) Use light and darkness!

3) Pile on the grace.

4) Know help is available if you need it!



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