Recently, I had to make a trip to Tennessee.  While driving, a friend called and told me to grab some lottery tickets.

The thing is I was on my way back to Alabama. I'd just unknowingly crossed the state line. I stopped at a service station and was told that I couldn't purchase a ticket there until the first of the year.

Me:  Huh?  Why can everybody else sell tickets, but you can't?

Attendant:  Well, they can down the road, but this is Mississippi.

(Yep, just in case you missed it, Mississippi is now getting a lottery.)

So, I turned around and drove the few miles back into Memphis. Still on the phone, I said, "Hold on.  I don't wanna stop right here.  This looks like the "First 48" part of Memphis."

He said, "Noooo.... Don't stop there.  You know they'll never get a winner from those parts."

Hmmmmmm...  Interesting thought.

We know that the lottery is a hot topic in Alabama politics, but I have a bigger question:

Until we get the lottery for ourselves, are we doing any good running to the state line to purchase tickets?

Of course, we are doing nothing for our own education system, BUT has anyone from a border town ever won the Powerball or MegaMillions?

I've done a little research into previous winners, and they all seem to come from somewhere a bit more inside the state.

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