Do You Know How To Make The Iconic Alabama White Sauce?

I hit another level of being an Alabamian. I finally tried white sauce!

Back in Florida, we have a few things we're known for. Food, drinks, condiments you'll only find in Florida, or originated in the Sunshine state. Since moving to Alabama, I've been eager to find things that are unique to Alabama.

I honestly heard about Alabama white sauce a while back but thought I misheard what was said. I thought to myself, "How can you have white bbq sauce? Who would eat that? Turns out, a lot of people would!

During quarantine, I finally tried the famous Alabama white sauce and I must admit, it's not that bad. I didn't go crazy about the sauce, but I enjoyed it. After finally trying it, I wondered what was so special about it and most importantly, how was it made?

According to Delish, Big Bob Gibson's Bar-B-Q is credited with the creation of Alabama white sauce. It's weird because the sauce is mayonnaise-based and I could've never imagined it tasting good of chicken.

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When I began researching other ingredients in white sauce, many different things come up. One recipe I found only included three ingredients. Mayonaise, black pepper, and apple cider vinegar. It has to be more to it than that!

I want to hear from native Alabamians. Who do you think has the best white sauce? Do you believe it's something that's best made at home or best enjoyed at a restaurant?

The big question is, who knows how to make white sauce at home?

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