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Looking at the SEC as a whole, It's the most powerful conference in Football, Softball and quite possibly baseball -- but one team hasn't followed that tradition....

No team has struggles like Mizzou in the SEC. Before joining the SEC, they were a powerhouse in Football, basketball and even volleyball. What happen to such a notable and great team?

Prior joining the SEC, the team was coached by Gary Pinkel (2001–2015), who has the highest winning percentage of any coach in Missouri football history (setting that mark with his 102nd win at the AT&T Cotton Bowl on January 3, 2014).Pinkel's record with Mizzou after his final game on November 27, 2015, is 118–73 (.618). While he was coaching in the Big12, he was the 2nd most revered coach in his stint in that conference. But let's not just look at football, their basketball team has struggled the past 5 years in the SEC which is no excuse because Mizzou was originally a basketball school..   While in the Big12 and Big8, they had plenty of eight eight finishes and plenty of sweet sixteen appearances. I would much rather have a Penn St. or a Maryland than Mizzou.

Mizzou has been a sore disappointment to the SEC and college sports, with that being said -- they still have time yo redeem themselves to the college athletics all across the board. With being the only NCAA 'powerhouse' within the state there should be no excuses to not being great.

Roll Tide.

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